Girls Are p.e.a.r.l.s. started in the Fall of 2019 as a bi-monthly Saturday program for middle school girls. Through group discussions, tutoring, community service projects, character building classes, high school and college talks, our young women are exposed to experiences that may be outside of their current view to help them reach their full academic, social and emotional potential. Topics include authenticity, self care, effective communication, conflict resolution, goal setting, service, education, as well as a host of other topics/ issues.

Over the course of the year, p.e.a.r.l.s. has evolved from a Saturday program to an organization more focused on exposure and service opportunities around the city. So far, we have had the opportunity to provide lunches and toiletry items to the homeless, volunteer at a local food pantry and experience the amazing Hebru Brantley Nevermore Park Exhibition.